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New 604! Price Guide
« on: June 23, 2011, 11:19:53 am »

Bandos Tasset: 30-50m
Bandos Chest-plate: 30-50m
Armadyl Chest-plate: 75-100m
Armadyl Plate-skirt/legs: 75-100m
Armadyl Helm: 50-75m
Slayer Helm: 50-75m
Agile Chest-plate: 50m
Agile Plate-legs: 50m
Spirit Shield: 25-50m
Divine Spirit Shield: 250m
Arcane Spirit Shield: *none*
Spectral Spirit Shield: *none*
Elysian Spirit Shield: 200-250m
Blessed Spirit Shield: 300m *this is a donator only item*
Barrows: 5m *every piece*
White armor: 5m *every piece*
Primal Helm: 250m
Primal Chest-plate: 300m
Primal Plate-legs: 300m
Granite Plate-body: 25m
Granite Plate-legs: 25m
Granite Helm: 10m
Granite Shield: 10m
Fighter Torso's: 10-25m
Varrock armors: 25-50m
Falador shield: 25-50m
Dragon Plate-body: 10-15m
Dragon Chain-body: 15-20m
Dragon Full Helm: 20m
Dragon Fire Shield: 20-30m
Statius Helm: 100m
Statius Plate-body: 150m
Statius Plate-legs: 150m
Vesta's Plate-legs: 150m
Vesta's Plate-body: 150m
3rd Age Melee helm: 75-100m
3rd Age Melee plate-body: 100-150m
3rd Age Melee plate-legs: 100-150m
3rd Age Melee kite-shield: 100-125m
3rd Age Range coif: 75-100m
3rd Age Range body: 100-150m
3rd Age Range legs: 100-150m
3rd Age Range vambraclets: 50-75m
3rd Age Mage hat: 75-100m
3rd Age Mage top: 100-150m
3rd Age Mage bottom: 100-150m
3rd Age Mage amulet: 50-75m
Zamorak Coif: 25-50m
Zamorak Vambraclets: 25-50m
Zamorak D'hide Body: 75-100m
Zamorak D'hide Chaps: 75-100m
Saradomin Coif: 35-60m
Saradomin Vambraclets: 35-60m
Saradomin D'hide Body: 100-125m
Saradomin D'hide Chaps: 100-125m
Guthix Coif: 50-75m
Guthix Vambraclets: 50-75m
Guthix D'hide Body: 150-175m
Guthix D'hide Chaps: 150-175m
Dagon' hai Hat: 25-50m
Dagon' hai Robe top: 75-100m
Dagon' hai Robe bottoms: 75m-100m
Abyssal Whip (Green) 50M
Abyssal Whip (Brown) 100M
Abyssal Whip (Blue) 150M
Abyssal Whip (Yellow) 275M
Dark Bow (Green) 75M
Dark Bow (Brown) 175M
Dark Bow (Blue) 235M
Dark Bow (Yellow) 350M
Sacred Clay (Mage) 50M
Sacred Clay (Melee) 100M
Sacred Clay (Range) 200M
Chaotic Kiteshield 500M
Chaotic Longsword 800M
Chaotic Maul 975M
Chaotic Crossbow 300M
Chaotic Staff 400M
Chaotic Raiper 600M
Novite Set 100M
Argonite Set 500M
Primal Set 1.5B

*I haven't seen any other PVP armors if I do I will add prices.*
*Write if there is any armors I missed.*

Bandos God Sword: 100m
Armadyl God Sword: 500m *I have only seen one, go get more so price changes*
Saradomin God Sword: 250m
Saradomin Sword: 15m
Zamorak God Sword: *none*
Zamorak Spear: 25m
Abyssal Whip: 2.5m-5m
Dark Bow: 5-10m
Vesta's Long Sword: 75-100m
Vesta's Spear: 50-75m
Statius Hammer: 50-75m
Zuriel's Staff: 50-75m
Morrigan's Throwing axe: 50-75m
Morrigan's Javelin: 25-50m
Dragon claws: 75-100m
Saradomin Sword: 10m
Dragon Halbert: 1-5m
Dragon Battle Axe: 10-25m
Barrows: 5m *every piece*
White weapons: 5m *every piece*
Barrel Chest Anchor: 10-20m

*Tell me if I missed anything, I know I missed somethings but can't remember everything.*

Gold charms: 10Gp ea.
Green charms: 20Gp ea.
Blue Charms: 100k ea.
Crimson Charms: 30Gp ea.
Clue Scrolls: 15-20m
Caskets: 50k ea.
Rune Essence: 1-2m/1k *thats 1-2m for every 1k*
Logs: 1k ea.
Oak logs: 10Gp ea.
Willow Logs: 3k ea.
Maple logs: 100Gp ea.
Yew logs: 150Gp ea.
Magic logs: 10k ea.
Dragon bones: 30k ea.
Extreme Potions: 1-2m
OverLoads 50M ea.
Super Attack 200k ea.
Super Strength 400k ea.
Super Defence 250k ea.
Super Range 250k ea.
Super Magic 275k ea.
Manta Ray
Manta Ray Noted 1k-5M
Manta Ray Noted 10k-10M
Manta Ray Noted 20k-30M
Cocktail Noted 1k-15M
Cocktail Noted 10k-50M
Cocktail Noted 20k-75M
Easter Egg (Green) 800M
Easter Egg (Brown) 500M
Easter Egg (Blue) 80M
Easter Egg (Black) 200M
Sythe (Custom Item) 1.9B
Royal Robe Top 500M
Royal Robe Bottom 1B
Royal Scepter 900M
Royal Crown 2.1B

*Note prices are being placed off of how much they are in donator shop not real price yet!*
Blue Party Hat: 3b
Red Party Hat: 2.6b
Purple Party Hat: 2b
Yellow Party Hat: 2.4b
White Party Hat: 2.3b
Green Party Hat: 2.2b
Red H'ween Mask: 2.2b
Blue H'ween Mask: 2b
Green H'ween Mask: 1.8b
Santa Hat: 2.2b
Bunny Ears: 2.2b
Huge Easter Egg 2.5B
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Re: New 604! Price Guide
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2011, 05:37:03 pm »
Chaotic Raiper, Chaotic Longsword, Chaotic Maul, Chaotic Crossbow, Chaotic Staff, Chaotic Kiteshield.
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Re: New 604! Price Guide
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2011, 06:30:54 pm »
sacred clay armors  lord marshall war-chief serjeant commander lent items coloured whips